Rockstar in the OR

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After tonight’s episode, I felt sick to my stomach. And the only way I could make it go away was write. So here is the happily ever after I picture in my head. I’m still praying my babies will be alright.

PS: Its kinda title-less because I can’t come up with anything good. So if you have any ideas… message me? idk.

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Chicago - Chapter 1: All That Jazz

AN: Arizona Robbins has been sent to the Cook County Jail to await trial for offing her girlfriend, Julie. It’s in the famed Murderess Row that she meets some strange ladies, including one Calliope Torres. (AU - based off the musical ‘Chicago’ set in the 1920’s)

I know I know, I haven’t updated in a while, but I’m working on it. I promise :)

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I Think You’ll Know

AN: Published about a year ago, but I decided to finally link my account to this blog :)

AU-ish. Set when both girls are in high school. Callie is hurting and Arizona finds her in the bathroom.

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'Mint' to Be

"What are these?" Arizona ask Callie as she picks up one of the little pink things Sofia had been playing with.

The couple was sitting at one of the circular tables placed under the large white tent that roofed the reception. It was a bright and sunny day which was nice for Washington. The meadow they were in looked beautiful and had really made April and Jackson’s wedding ceremony special.

"I don’t know… They look like candies." Callie replied taking one herself.

"Its a mint…" Arizona says, sniffing it. "Ha! They say ‘mint to be’! That’s so cute."

"They are a pretty cute match."

"I heard they might try for a baby."

Callie leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of Sofia’s small head.

"That’d be nice. Then it’d be almost the same age as Meredith and Derek’s new baby, just a year younger."

Arizona smiled. “Or our new baby.”

Callie smiled back at her. Since Arizona was now accustomed to her new leg and they had both back into an easy pattern, they had both decided it was time to get back to their plans for a life together from before the accident. And that plan included having another child, among other things.

"You know. I’m pretty sure we were ‘mint to be’." Callie says as she leans in towards her wife.

"We were made for each other." Arizona whispered before closing the small distance between them and kissing her.

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